Solicitors and Transient Merchants

Solicitors Certificate
To obtain a Solicitors Certificate you must:
  • Complete Solicitor Request Form at Glen Carbon Police Department
  • Must appear in person with valid photo identification
  • Request form must be notarized
  • Back ground check is ran
  • Requester will be contacted with permission status
  • If approved, a fee of $25.00 (money order or cashier’s check only) per person will be collected
  • If approved, solicitor will be provided a photo certification form valid for 3 months

Transient Merchant

To obtain a transient merchant license, you must:
  • Complete the transient form
  • Certificate of registration under the Retailer’s Occupation Tax Act of Illinois
  • A complete inventory of the goods applicant intend to offer for sale
  • A list of all licenses to conduct business as a transient merchant or an itinerant vendor obtained by the applicant in this State in the twelve (12) months preceding the date of this application
  • Surety bond or cash deposit equal to 50% of the wholesale value of the merchandise intended to be offered for sale; however the minimum amount of the bond is $1,000.00 and the maximum amount of bond is $10,000.00
  • Must provide valid photo identification
  • Form must be notarized
  • A back ground check is performed
  • A non-refundable application fee payable to the Village of Glen Carbon in the amount of $100.00 (money order or cashier’s check only)

For anyone with questions regarding who are valid solicitor or merchants, please contact the Glen Carbon Police Department (618) 288-7226