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June Business of the Month

Congratulations Kellerman Investigations

If you watch true-crime detective shows, you may have an accurate idea about what goes on at Kellerman Investigations. Greg Kellerman, who operates the Glen Carbon-based, Kellerman Investigations, is a licensed private investigator in Illinois and Missouri working the shadowy and sometimes cruel byways of society. Kellerman Investigations locates and stakes out cheaters from worker’s compensation fraudsters, professional imposters, deceitful spouses, child kidnappers, double-dealing business partners and darknet pedophiles to thieves, burglars, criminals, estate & asset falsifiers, law absconders and commercial swindlers. But that’s just on the weekends.

Kellerman Investigations has been conducting business in Illinois and Missouri for 18 years. Shortly after retiring from the fire service in 1999, Kellerman started his home-based business, Guaranteed Process Serving, in his basement on the cusp of the greatest foreclosure crisis in 70 years. Kellerman’s work then consisted mainly of foreclosure process serving, criminal disposition background checks and national skip tracing. But as the crisis subsided, assorted swindles and frauds began to soar pulling the business us in wholly new directions.

His business has continued to expand into cyberspace as well. Kellerman expanded into the computer technology landscape with the development of Service Exchange Network (Serve-X,) in 2008 which is virtually located in Georgia. Kellerman’s software is in law offices across 13 states and expanding. The Serve-X HUB facilitates the seamless delivery of case management data and documents between servicers and law firms to significantly expand their operations, eliminate inaccuracies, improve compliance and security, and increase the promptness of the 14th Amendment’s due process guarantee to accurate notifications to all defendants.

Additionally, in 2009, Kellerman Investigations began serving as a Metro East, FBI and Illinois State Police (ISP) licensed and authorized biometric fingerprint intake facility; Southern Illinois Fingerprinting, in conjunction with Accurate Biometrics in Chicago. “Anyone from day care workers, medical marijuana patients to concealed carry licensees may have their fingerprints laser scanned--no appointment necessary--at their offices.

In 2013, Kellerman opened Hair She Blows, a pet grooming salon managed by Deb Lewis. The name and nautical theme was proffered by his employees in keeping with Greg Kellerman’s military service as a US Coast Guard Veteran. There the only private detective agency and pet grooming shop that I know of. Does that make them the “Pet Detective’s?
After almost two decades in the investigative industry, you could say Greg Kellerman knows a thing or two about what makes people tick. Whether your concerns involve divorce, child custody, worker’s compensation fraud, criminal defense, general process service or adoption skip tracing for a bio parent, Kellerman Investigations has the solution for you.