Yard Waste Services

Service Details:
  • A maximum collection of ten paper biodegradable bags (no plastic bags) or 32-gallon trash cans;
  • If trash cans are used for yard waste, they must be marked with a 2’x2’ red “X” (to distinguish them from trash cans) and placed as close to the roadway as possible or they will not be collected;
  • Bags or cans of yard waste are not to exceed 50 lbs. in weight;
  • Sticks and twigs up to 4” diameter will be collected in 2’x4’ bundles tied with twine;
  • Collected weekly on Wednesday; during the months of April thru December.

To sign up for service, simply call Republic Services’ customer service department at 618-656-6883.  Yard Waste service is a minimum 3-month commitment, billed quarterly at a cost per quarter.

Another option for disposal of large amounts of yard waste, small limbs or larger limbs/tree trunks is to dispose of it directly at the compost area located at the Roxana Landfill, 4601 Cahokia Creek Road in Edwardsville.

  • Rate is $21.63/yd; minimum $25.00
This rate is for yard waste and limbs under 4 ft long going to compost area;

  • Any branches longer than 4 ft or tree trunks, etc. need dumped in the landfill at a rate of $67.38/ton; (pickup truck 1 ton minimum).

Please contact Republic Services with any questions or to sign up for service: 618-656-6883.